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Hi and welcome!

For some, Israel can be a daunting place. For others, a place of mystery and awe. For me, it is home. I was born in Israel and have alternated between living in Israel and the US throughout my life. I am also a board certified pediatrician in both countries. Over the years, friends and family have turned to me with questions - is it safe? what to see? where to go? do I need a guide? what to wear? how do I celebrate my child's bar/bat mitzvah? baptism? 


And so, slowly, I started creating itineraries for visitors to Israel. Some wanted to see more history, some wanted a child friendly experience, some wanted to see Christian sites, and others just wanted to see nature or anything in between! Hence, My Israel Planner was born!


Based on your desires and abilities, I create an itinerary just for you so that you can maximize your time in this magical country while saving money and time on unnecessary excursions. You make all of the reservations and I have no financial relationship with anyone or any company that I recommend. My recommendations are all based on careful research and experience that I cater to your interests and abilities. You will fill out a short questionnaire and we will get started! I can't wait for you to fall in love with this incredible country!


                                    - Hila


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