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How does my service work?

If you've been wanting to visit Israel but don't know where to start, my service is perfect for you! Even for those who have been here before, I can make current recommendations based on your new circumstances. I am here to help you get the most out of your vacation without breaking the bank. I love Israel, I speak Hebrew, and I love creating personalized itineraries!


I can recommend hotels, tour guides, restaurants, what to see, and where to go - all based on your preferences and abilities. If you have a special event you want to have, I can help you plan it so the experience is easy, stress free, and exceeds your expectations.


I've helped people with disabilities and other limitations have a comfortable, yet fulfilling experience. Email me today to get started! 

For each day that I plan for you, the cost is a $50 flat fee. I don't receive any benefits from any of the recommendations that I make. You'd be surprised to discover how much of Israel you can see on your own - from the Dead Sea to the Sea of Galilee, seeing Israel doesn't have to be expensive!

I am happy to recommend specific rabbis, hotels, guides, and experiences free of charge. I can arrange tours and experiences at an additional cost of $20 per booking.

I am also happy to get quotes and/or coordinate reservations on your behalf for an extra charge of $20 per booking, as it becomes quite a time consuming endeavor from past experience. I am not responsible for any adverse outcomes from bookings made on your behalf. I do it as a service to ease your planning. Please see the Privacy Policy for handling of your personal information. 

You will receive a complete quote based on your request before the itinerary is created. You will then place a 50% deposit in order to receive your itinerary. Payments are made to My Israel Planner paypal account. The rest of the payment is due upon receipt of completed itinerary. 



I can't wait to help you get the most of your Israel vacation!

*There is an additional expedited fee of $50 if your itinerary is requested within one week of travel*