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When's the best time to visit Israel???

One of the most common questions I am asked is "When should I come to Israel?" Well, it all depends....

1.) If there is a special event occurring that you want to partake in, plan your vacation around that.

2.) If you want to be in Israel to experience the holidays, plan around when they occur. Just beware that many places may be closed, your food variety may be limited, and many Israelis hit the road - so expect higher prices and heavier congestion and traffic.

3.) If you love the beach, summertime is the best time to come to enjoy the Mediterranean, but it does get hot!4.) Sightseeing is best done in cooler temps, but it does tend to rain in the winter so beware of flash floods.September/October and May/June (excepting holidays) are my favorite times to come. You avoid the intense heat of the summer (July/August), the Mediterranean is still warm, and the country is all yours, as Israeli kids are in school and you have the country to yourself to explore and enjoy!

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